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We are qualified in a variety of services to meet your engineering needs:

Commercial Design

At Bryant Engineering, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to create complex commercial designs for businesses, municipal governments, and more.

Contract Administration

For every project, Bryant Engineering creates a contract to ensure each party is held accountable and your project is completed exactly how you envisioned.

Construction Management

During construction management, Bryant Engineering plans, coordinates, and guides your project every step of the way. We are a one-stop-shop, ready and able to meet your needs.

Floodplain Modeling

Bryant Engineering has the ability and expertise to perform large drainage analysis for floodplain modeling. Our designers are equipped and well versed in several floodplain modeling software, which produces the most time efficient and accurate results.

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling

We are experts in all aspect of drainage analysis. Communities look to Bryant Engineering for our expertise in this area. We equip our designers with the latest software to ensure the most accurate results. Our designers have performed lectures on this subject for several municipalities.

Pump Station Design

At Bryant Engineering, we take great consideration while creating pump station designs, which are the facilities that house pumps and equipment.


Our team has extensive experience creating unique residential designs. We consider and preserve the natural features of the property which greatly lowers your construction cost, preserves the natural look of the property, and produces developments that create an experience to all who visit.

Recreational Fields, Parks, & Nature Trails

The Bryant Engineering crew appreciates being part of the creation of recreational fields, parks, and trails, which benefit our community’s overall health and wellness.

Roadway Design

Bryant Engineering employs design professionals who have spent a majority of their careers in the transportation sector. Their experience ranges from design to construction management for county, city, and state road projects.

Sewer Design & Modeling

When the Bryant Engineering experts create sewer designs, we consider every aspect of the future product, including placement, functionality, and how it will best serve the city.

Water Distribution Design & Modeling

At Bryant Engineering, our design professionals have extensive experience in the modeling and design of water distribution systems. Our designs and models help create an efficient and effective system, which ensures water service reliability.