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Our planners provide quality, professional ideas and out-of-the-box solutions. Clients trust Bryant Engineering to plan their project because we take pride in your satisfaction and the finished product.

Planning a project demands detail and skill in order to achieve an excellent product. We are trained in a variety of services to meet your planning needs:

Annexation & Zoning

Bryant Engineering understands and respects clients who want their property annexed or rezoned. Planning the annexation and zoning details is critical for success.

Master Planning

Bryant Engineering is detailed and thorough while developing a master plan that addresses the design, specifics, and overall development of your project. Master plans ensure the project is structured and give our clients knowledge concerning what will happen with their project.

The Houston County Board of Educations has had a sustained building program for the last 15 years. In that time, the square footage of our schools doubled to over four million square feet. Bryant Engineering has played an instrumental role in the success of these building programs.

Bryant Engineering’s firm has been our predominant civil engineer or surveying firm on the majority of our projects. Most recently, they served as both surveying firm and civil engineer on the Freedom Field stadium project. Of the various design professionals we have used, their plans and details are far superior in clarity and scope compared to others. Many of our contractors have commented as such.

Scott Hill, Former Director of Facilities at the Houston County Board of Education