Wetland Delineation

Protecting our natural resources

Wetlands are the natural boundary between our aquatic ecosystems and the drier upland habitats. Wetlands serve a vital role in our natural environment, sometimes being referred to as the ‘kidneys of the landscape.’ They clean the water flowing through them, mitigate large flood events, and recharge underground aquifers.

How does this concern me?

Wetlands are legally protected habitats under the Clean Water Act. Wetlands must be identified in the early planning stages of land development to ensure that all relevant laws are adhered to during the process. Permits are available from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers if wetland encroachment is necessary, but the delineation and permitting process is tedious and should be deferred to professionals.

How Bryant Engineering can help!

Bryant Engineering has the training and experience to assist with the scientific identification, mapping, and permitting process involved in wetland protection and compliance with state and federal laws.

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